Saturday, 26 February 2011

Osteoporosis, the number game!

Osteoporosis has developed into epidemic proportions, affecting more women than men, and has its roots in childhood and early adult life.

Males generally have a fatter bank account as far as bone mass is concerned.

Bone growth reaches the maximum in strength and hardness by age 30. This is known as peak bone mass. Boys reach 90% of peak bone mass by age 20, whilst girls achieve it earlier around age 18, rendering the male species extended growth potential, answering in part the question why guys are taller.

The best time to invest in the bone account is during youth. Exercise, good nutrition, and adequate calcium intake pay long term dividends. Just like a financial account, the bone account is subject to deposits and withdrawals. In youth, deposits exceed withdrawal, until a period of steady exchange in the 30s.

Unfortunately, the gentler gender succumbs to far more withdrawal than deposits after age 40, leading to a net loss of bone mass. Multiple pregnancies herald premature onset of bone deficit. As the ovaries start to wrinkle and the eternal spring of oestrogen trickles, culminating to a dry spell, that phase of mood swings, hot flushes, dryness, and loss of libido collectively known as menopause stamps its sovereignty.

Loss of oestrogen accelerates the diminishing bone mass, leading to a greater tendency to pathological fracture. Simply put, brittle bones that break with trivial force.

To dent the glee in the aging male, there is no escape from the gloom of age-related osteoporosis after the age of 75, with a ratio of one male to two females afflicted.

The above information are partially extracted from the star online dated 23rd Feb 2011

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