Friday, 21 January 2011

Malaysians afflicted by type 2 diabetes

THE Metabolic Syndrome Study of Malaysia (MSSM) that was conducted in 2008, had uncovered startling facts: 22% of those surveyed above the age of 18 are suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Even more alarming is the fact that half of these people were unaware that they even have the condition.
The rise in the occurrence of T2DM has been linked to the increase in obesity amongst the population. With the mean age of T2DM sufferers gradually lowering, a greater number of the Malaysian public are at risk from this condition, which can lead to diseases involving multiple organ systems, including coronary artery disease, stroke, blindness, and renal failure.

Nearly two million Malaysians suffer from diabetes. Obesity and weight management are linked to this rising trend. The escalation of diabetes over the last 20 years is fairly shocking, with over 50% of Malaysians currently grappling with a weight management problem.

Malaysians are also rather recalcitrant when it comes to managing diabetes, with over 80% of patients demonstrating poor glycemic (or blood glucose level) control and low treatment compliance.

Hyperglycaemia is caused by two main conditions: insulin deficiency and/or insulin resistance. Insulin deficiency is a condition where the body does not produce enough insulin.
Insulin resistance prevents the body from converting glucose into glycogen (a starch-like source of energy stored mostly in the liver), which in turn makes it difficult or impossible to remove excess glucose from the blood. To further compound the issue, a 2006 study found that 92% of type 2 diabetes patients are insulin resistant.

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Above article are partly extracted from the star online dated 16 Jan 2011

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