Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Pushing for a healthier lifestyle

IT MUST be the millionth time you've read about the danger of diabetes, heart disease and chronic illnesses brought on by the Malaysian passion for food and our tendency to drive everywhere in air-conditioned comfort.

But would you do something to beat the odds of 35 millions deaths a year?

The World Health Organization states that non-communicable diseases (NCD) like diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, hypertension and obesity account for 60% (35 million) of all global deaths annually, and of that number, more than a quarter are premature (before age 60) and easily preventable.

Malaysian already ranked sixth globally in obesity rates with over 70% of patients in government clinics with NCD.

Last year, 17,679 pit pf 47,266 (37.4%) deaths in government hospitals were due to NCD, and of that number, 5,278 deaths were those below the age of 55 - indicating that NCD is no longer just limited to the older generation.

The number has hovered in the same range for the past four years and something needs to be done to combat the devastating results of unhealthy lifestyles. 98% of total health expenditure today go to treating the sick. ONLY 2% go toward keeping people healthy!

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